LG G6 will arrive a month before Samsung Galaxy S8

Expectations are high that Samsung will release the much-anticipated Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone in April. The South Korean Giant is already delaying the release date of the smartphone due to the extended quality testing assurance after the downfall of Galaxy Note 7. But with the Galaxy S8, Samsung will be expecting to regain its lost trust among the buyers. But, would that be easy? Well, it won’t be as another South Korean Giant, LG is reported to release G6 flagship smartphone, a month before the Samsung’s Galaxy S8.

Reports are claiming that LG will unveil the G6 at the MWC and the smartphone will be released on March 10. Which means that the G6 will be available in the market in less than two weeks after its first official public appearance. If we look in the past, the LG G5 was released on March 31, while the Samsung’s S7 and S7 Edge rolled out on March 11. So, it would be the first time that LG’s G series will beat the Samsung’s S series and LG will try its best to capitalize on the delayed launch of S8 and S8 Edge smartphones.

Considering the leaked specs and rumors, LG G6 is expected to feature LG’s recently announced 5.7-inch Quad-HD (2880 x 1440 pixels resolution) display. The LG G6 is also expected to be waterproof, a first for an LG flagship, but with a non-removable battery, just like its predecessor. Unfortunately, there is no information regarding the other specs of the smartphone.

The Global release date for the LG G6 is not yet confirmed by the company, but we do expect that it won’t be far behind.

Source: www.phonearena.com

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