Logitech POWERED Wireless Charging Stand hands-on: More power, faster charging

Logitech's accessory maker announced Logitech's POWERED wireless charging support, one of the latest products. That name is the wireless charging solution for your mobile device. Specifically, because it is designed with collaboration with Apple, it is designed for the iPhone.

Compared to other wireless charging systems, the difference from Logitech 's offer is to positively load the iPhone in portrait mode and landscape mode. This is a handy bed side support for your iPhone, but it is also nice that it can switch to video and something while in use. With a very large pad, there was no deviation when loading iPhone X. And it supports other Qi compatible smartphones – like Samsung Galaxy Note 9!

In a sense, the POWERED Wireless Charging Dock uses a completely matte plastic structure minimalist design, so you can see the impact on Apple's design. To be honest it's pretty simple, as it is made up of what seems to be two parts. But the biggest complaint about this is to use your own charger. First of all, you can not change the cable from the back of the charger. Therefore, if it is faulty, you need to install everything. In addition, the wall charger itself is the owner.

There is another high-speed charging system of 7.5 W as a remarkable function. This is probably because it explains why you use your own connection and why you use a sensor that intelligently monitors the temperature to prevent overheating. So, how much do you want to spend to get it? Well, it is available from Logitech 's website at $ 69.99.

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