Macintosh Portable, the first mobile Mac, arrives

September 20, 1989: Apple has launched a portable Macintosh, the predecessor of PowerBook, introducing the world to battery-powered Macs.

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Macintosh Portable: Mac will be mobile

Development on a portable Mac is actually before launching the original Macintosh. Mac project innovator Jef Raskin thought Macintosh was a laptop.

However, when Steve Jobs resumed work on the project, this ideal was abandoned. As for the portability of the Macintosh of the era of 1984, the only prospect delivered was carried.

Portable Mac sucks that time laptop.
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Jobs tried to convince Apple's board of directors to develop what is called "BookMac" in April 1985, but quit the company well enough.

The idea finally resurrected and brought Macintosh Portable.

Compared to today's ultra-thin Apple laptop, the portable Macintosh looks very heavy. Weighs 15.8 pounds. The thickness of the first Mac notebook was over 4 inches and the office space (or tower) area was 225.7 square inches.

Like many Macs, especially those days, Portable Macintosh occupied the "high end" quadrant of the market. We offer advanced technology, but it is offered at high price.

The device costs $ 6,500 in 1989, today costs more than $ 12,600. If you added a hard drive and a modem it increased by $ 448.

Fortunately, the portable Macintosh brought impressive specifications on the basis of time. If you want to reach a competing computer with equivalent performance, the price was not too absurd.

Portable Macintosh Specification

By design, the 16 MHz portable Macintosh of 68 MHz was really faster than the Mac OS and Macintosh II which dominated Apple 's desktop line – up at the time. It also includes an excellent 9.8 inch active matrix LCD display with 640 x 400 pixels of black and white graphics. The subsequent upgrade has returned the backlight to Mac Portable, which shortens battery life to half.

Also it was the first Mac with a pre-installed operating system …

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