macOS Mojave: Disabling the Screenshot Thumbnail

Using Mojave from macOS, Apple removed Grab. Application gt; Utility The dinosaur traveled the earth and replaced it with a program called simply a screenshot. you are, Change order – 3 Or Command-Shift-4 When you take a screenshot with Mojave, a small thumbnail of the image is displayed at the lower right of the screen.

If you skip the thumbnail, it will appear anywhere on the default screen capture location (usually the desktop) in a few seconds. Clicking on it before it disappears displays the markup toolbar, and clicking "Finish" saves the changes.

I frequently say this, but if you do not like this change, you can turn it off. This will make screen capture work like High Sierra. (However, if you want to use it, you can access the new screen capture application). What you have to do is as follows. Application gt; Utility By clicking on its icon in your dock …

Screen capture application with MacOS Mojave Dock

… or use the relevant keyboard shortcut. Change order – 5. Anyway, you will see a new interface for screenshots with bars at the bottom. Clicking "Options" displays the "Show floating thumbnails" preference. You can deactivate by clicking on this preference.

As you can see, you can use these options to save the screenshot to a different location or to activate a timer to set the scene before shooting. You can also use the rectangular icon on the left side of this bar to choose to capture the window, capture the entire screen, or save the screen. However, disabling this "show floating thumbnail" option will allow you to return to High Sierra as far as screenshots are concerned.

Finally, I will present another simple tip. After taking a screenshot, if you right click or click on a thumbnail in a hurry, a popup menu will be displayed and a shortcut will be displayed to insert the object directly into Mail. With documents, not on your desk.

Context menu for screenshot of MacOS Mojave

OK, that's pretty cool. I admit that I recovered grab from my time machine backup as I like it, but this little feature can let me use screenshots … In addition to enable this floating thumbnail can also do. As it turns out, I may not be an old fart afraid of change.

No, I completely

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