Manual for iPhone with secrets, tips & tricks: Review And Features

Description of Manual for iPhone with secrets, tips & tricks Review

The guide provides detailed tutorials with well-described step by step.

The encyclopedia enlightens every aspect and hidden gem of iOS that shines best on the latest iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models.

iPhone 7 and iOS 10 are in perfect harmony with each other, Apple has done an excellent job of oscillating between a stable, easy-to-use operating system and outstanding machine quiet.

If you own one of the latest Apple models; To enjoy most of it, this audio guide is worth considering.

For example, how to block a contact or take voice notes; set up IMAP or use Google Earth offline.

Some of the tutorials can be found in our guide:
How to protect your iPhone from theft
To change the default ringtone on the iPhone
How do I set the iPhone to vibration only?
To turn on the LED flash when the iPhone rings
How to block a contact on the iPhone (calls and sms)
interactive notifications on the iPhone
How to set up autosuggest and auto-correction on the iPhone
the use of Siri and Spotlight recipes on the iPhone
How to use multi-touch gestures on the iPad
To use location-based reminders on the iPhone
To sync Gmail, Facebook, and Outlook contacts with iPhone
To delete duplicate contacts on the iPhone
To send an SMS from the iPhone to a group
How to make conference calls on the iPhone
To use Google Maps offline on the iPhone or iPad
This is how you set up emails (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo) and receive notifications for important e-mails on the iPhone
To set the timer in the camera of the iPhone
To use focus control in a camera on the iPhone
How to play AVI files on the iPad
How to edit video on iPhone
How to record a time-lapse video on the iPhone
To hide images from the photo app on the iPhone
How to scan a credit card in Safari on the iPhone
How to request a desktop version of a website in Safari on the iPhone
To disable notifications from a single app on the iPhone
To use an iPhone as a Wi-Fi hotspot and instant hotspot feature
To change the keyboard layout on the iPhone
How to create a ringtone for the iPhone
How to take screenshot on the iPhone
How to record a conversation on the iPhone
How to scan barcodes on the iPhone?
How do I find out which app dries up the battery of your iPhone most?
How to make the iPhone faster and delete messages on the iPhone automatically
How to recover the password of the iPhone
How to delete all contacts on the iPhone at once
How to share video and capture on iPhone or iPad
To set Parental Control on the iPhone

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