Marc Benioff reveals Siri integration with Salesforce Einstein, lauds Apple#039;s Cook

To talk to CNBC; # 39; s Mr. Benioff talked about partnership with Apple before going to stage at San Francisco's Dreamforce and said that all companies have to rethink the people of the 4 th Industrial Revolution. For large Benioff and Salesforce customers this means integrating with third parties to deepen the connection with consumers.

Sales force CEO, both Marriott CNBC At the stage of the interview and Dreamforce keynote, business model will soon be affected by Apple 's merger.

"At the opening speech, a whole new vision of the future of Marriott will be presented: All technologies, customer connections are a whole new way – and this means that you can use Marriott and your digital key Please enter ", Benioff is swinging the iPhone. "Of course, talk to Siri and" Please order my favorite sandwich.

He explained that Siri is just the beginning of the experiment. Although details are not discussed, Benioff said Salesforce Einstein allowed users to ask Siri to control the hotel room light, temperature, etc.

Introduced in 2016, Einstein is an artificial intelligence solution that provides a personalized, predictable customer experience through machine learning, thorough learning, learning and learning integration. Predictive analysis, natural language processing, intelligent data detection, and so on.

Like other machine learning systems, Salesforce Einstein adapts to each customer's interactions and new data points to become more intelligent in the target task. The service deals billions of daily deals, Benioff said. IA applied to Siri functions as a back end for voice assistant.

"how [Siri] Do you know where all the data is? How does he create a customer's profile? This is from Salesforce and we are backend, "says Benioff.

Mr. Benioff's comment confirms that Apple 's virtual assistant will be as follows.

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