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Do you have trouble sleeping in the morning? Are you tired of losing the fight with your traditional alarm clock? Want the perfect way to make sure you're on time, whenever you want and wherever you are? Then you need math alarm clock!

> 5-star ratings!

> Wake up with an active mind!
> Become a morning person!
> Change your life!

*** Several 5 star reviews ***
"This app is incredible! … I definitely recommend getting it!"
"Fantastic !! Works wonderfully …"
"I became a morning person."

Unlike traditional alarm clocks and alarm apps, Math Alarm Clock forces multiple-choice math puzzles to be resolved before the alarm turns off. You will never again worry that you are unconsciously pressing and oversleeping the "slumber" button on your alarm clock!
Math alarm clock wakes up your brain. Annoying, but definitely!

Of course everyone is different and that's why we've made math alarms completely customizable. In a few seconds you can just:
> Set several alarm options (eg, early, normal, late, power nap, etc.) and select the option you want each night before you go to sleep.
> Set repetitive alarms (for example, every Monday and Tuesday) and stick to a more consistent sleep plan.
> Set your preferred ringtone.
> Watch over your own MUSIC.
> Save the music and ringtone volume by ignoring the device settings (volume, hibernation, mute, screen time, etc.).
> Determine the number of multiple-choice math questions you want to answer when you wake up.
> Change the level of difficulty for each question: easy, medium or difficult. There are also tutorials so you can see which one is right for you.
> Adjust the color of the app icon and the app to your style.

Would you like to get up early in the morning but your spouse does not?
Now you can use the button "Do not wake my spouse"! It's a super short time snooze (optional). Your spouse will thank you later.

Would you love to get the sleep you deserve and still fall back into bad habits at night keeping you awake?
Sometimes it just takes a little reminder at the right time: try the "bedtime reminder" that comes with this app (optional).
Still not the trick? Then it's time to introduce the Bedtime Enforcer (optional). It will not shut up until you are finally in bed.

Imagine how your life would change for the better, rather than oversleeping and feeling remorse and frustration for the rest of the day, were you in control? Think about how much more you could achieve and how healthy your body and mind would be! With Math Alarm, you will not only change how you wake up … you will change your life!

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