Members of the United States say that AI Deep Fake "could confuse all aspects of our society"

US politicians are increasingly concerned about deep fake, a new type of IA-assisted video editing that produces realistic results with minimal effort. Yesterday, three lawmakers requested Dan Coat of the National Intelligence Agency to evaluate the threat posed by new forms of counterfeit goods to national security.

This letter may be used for intimidation or misinformation, "surreal digital impersonation" that indicates "persuasive expression of individuals who are doing things not done so far" It has said. "As fake deep technologies become more accessible and easier to access, there is the possibility of posing a threat to US public discourse and national security," says Adam Schiff (D-CA), a signatory to the letter, Stephanie Murphy (D – FL), Carlos Curbelo (R – FL).

This trio wants the information community to prepare a report containing an explanation of the case that suggested potential countermeasures, "no doubt about whether serious allegations were confirmed or not" (no current case).

Curbelo said in a press release, "Deep fake can disrupt every aspect of society, causing dangerous international and national influences. […] As with all threats, intelligence agencies must prepare to fight falsehoods, watch out, and protect people and Americans.

This is not the first time for a legislator to raise this issue. Marco Rubio chairman Mark Warner and Marco Rubio (R-FL) warned earlier this year that serious spillage should be regarded as a threat to national security. In the lecture, Rubio said the technology could induce erroneous information campaigns from abroad and point out Russia as a specific threat.

"I know the fact that the Russian Federation led by Vladimir Putin tried to cause instability and confusion in American politics.

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Members of the United States say that AI Deep Fake "could confuse all aspects of our society"

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