Microsoft Introduces Azure Sphere to Secure IoT Devices

Microsoft seeks to secure devices with a new secure operating system and a new service for microcontrollers

Called Azure Sphere, the new stack includes microcontrollers certified an operating system "Azure Sphere " for these microcontrollers and an associated service "Azure Sphere Security Service" for these devices.

The head of Azure Sphere is Galen Hunt, whose most recent title is Partner Managing Director of Microsoft Azure Sphere.

This new initiative is not unprecedented. Last year, I wrote about "Project Sopris," an effort by Microsoft Research to secure low-cost Internet-connected devices. Hunt was a of directors working on this project.

The Sopris team said that it was working the silicon partner MediaTek to revise one of their controllers – the Wi-Fi- activated MT7687 – to create a prototype [19659007] a highly secure microcontroller.

Early results indicated that "even the most price-sensitive devices should be modified to achieve the high levels of company-critical safety " the researchers said.

Microsoft announces Azure Sphere to RSA 2018. The new Azure Sphere certified microcontrollers that the company announces time and application processors with Microsoft's integrated custom silicon security technology and connectivity, according to a blog April 16 announcing the initiative. Microsoft officials said this silicon security includes Xbox "learnings" about how to …

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