Mom’s Guide to Back to School Teen Style

Back to school shopping for teenagers can be a challenge. Teens grow up too fast and become more particular about what they wear and how they look. If you’ve found yourself browsing through different stores looking for clothes and accessories that are a good fit, stylish yet practical for your teenager but you’re hardly getting any luck, then here are a few fun fashion ideas that are trendy and suitable for both teen girls and boys for the new school year!

You Can Never Go Wrong with Accessories

Whether she likes statement pieces or simple styles, your teen will always appreciate some sparkle look on her hands, ear, and neck. There are a lot of fun accessory pieces that project personality, mood or blend with the outfit for the day.

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Not Enough Tops

“I have nothing to wear!” aren’t you familiar with that phrase already? Even with a stockpile of t-shirts in different colors, cardigans, denim tops and sweatshirts, your daughter may still think they have nothing to wear. You can always add new tops so they can have a variety to choose from as they prepare for school. Fortunately, there are plenty of girls clothes under £10 that are quality and trendy  

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Keep Time

Let’s be real – a snazzy watch won’t guarantee that your teen will be up and running each morning the alarm goes off but, it sure gives them a fresh look and will especially help your child keep track of their time between classes and other school activities. Some stylish watches you should check out include G-shock, Fossil or Stuhrling.

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The Backpack Expresses Your Vibe

Backpacks are a cool way for your teen to express his individual style besides; you can’t wear trendy outfits with a not-so-cool backpack. What is your child into the most? Call of duty? Get him a camouflage or an army bag. The same applies to girls. There are tons of cool bags you can buy that are within your budget, offer the right functionality and is durable.

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Hat Trick

Hats are an excellent way to add a bit of pattern and color to your teen’s wardrobe. Your teen can pull their casual look together by wearing a beanie, baseball cap of a bucket hat. There are numerous fun shapes and patterns you can go for that will definitely step up your teen’s hat game!

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Holy shirt!

The shirt is undoubtedly the most important clothing article in a teenager’s closet. Whether with buttons or not, shopping for shirts is a great chance to have your child chip in and choose what they like. There are lots of styles and designs your child will love.

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Kicks for Days

You should know by now that shoes are entirely a personal choice. Teenagers love their sneakers, and if it were up to them, they would wear it to any occasion. When shopping, you want to get their opinion on the types of shoes they want – but remember to choose shoes that can go with most of the outfits in their wardrobes.

This list should make it easier when doing the back to school shopping for your child. When in doubt, always ask the kids what they like.

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