Moonves resigns from CBS as a result of new claim of sexual fraud: report

CBS CEO Les Moonves resigns shortly after a new report by Ronan Farrow New YorkerCNN reports that it will cause new allegations of sexual misconduct.

In late July, Farrow announced a long-standing survey. New Yorker Moons explains the assertion that promoting a workplace environment where sexual harassment is acceptable, forcibly kissing, suggesting six women, and threatening revenge when resisting. At that time, Munvez said, "Some women were uncomfortable," but denied any allegations of occupational harm. After the report was released, CBS began investigating the assertion, but while this occurred, Moons stayed on board. The lawyer in Los Angeles does not blame Mr. Moons.

Last month the report of Moons exit package negotiations turned round. CNN quotes a pair of leaders saying that the solution at Mumbles' exit is in the final stage and the leader resigns on Monday morning before the end of the investigation. deadline The payment of 100 million dollars announced earlier this week is now obsolete and the board is about to fire the Moons "for everything to change".

Fellow, who received the Pulitzer Prize who reported sexual assault and harassment by Harwin Wainstein, announced new coverage this weekend.

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Moonves resigns from CBS as a result of new claim of sexual fraud: report

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