Moto X already started getting Android 5.1 update!

Motorola, recently announced the Android 5.1 update for Moto X and G(2nd and 1st gen) and the Moto E both generations. Which has excited many moto users and the anticipation has gone really high! Now, its seems that Motorola already started pushing out the update for the Moto X! Quite impressive!

Motorola has posted changelogs for the Android 5.1 updates for both the AT&T and T-Mobile/unlocked versions of theMoto X (2nd Gen.) as well as the Moto X (1st Gen.). According to Motorola, Moto X (2nd Gen.) owners will get the ability to swipe away heads-up notifications, the ability to change Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections from Quick Settings, Device Protection, and faster app launch times thanks to improvements in ART.

Meanwhile, owners of the original Moto X will gain Screen Pinning, the same Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection options in Quick Settings, lots of Moto app tweaks, Materal Design UI changes, and more. Considering that the Moto X (1st Gen.) never got updated to Android 5.0, it’s no surprise to see its Android 5.1 update have such a large changelog.

Motorola hasn’t made any announcements about when it’ll begin pushing Android 5.1 to its Moto X models, but now that the changelogs are live, we’re willing to bet that the OTAs aren’t far off. After all, Motorola has been pretty on the ball with its Android updates in the past. If you’ve got a Moto X, be sure to let us know if Android 5.1 hits your device!

Well, there’s really nothing special on Android 5.1 except some bugs fixes and changes. I am currently running it on my Android One and its more optimised than before which will prove good experience than before than the Latest optimisations! Let’s see how the Android 5.1 turns out to be magical or same in your moto device. As said earlier, Let us know if the update really does some cool changed with your device! We are here to listje you!

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