Move over, iPhone XS Max! Worst Apple product names of all time

The name of the new iPhone is confusing. "IPhone XS Max" sounds like a teen body spray and does not mean "XR" of iPhone XR at all.

Today's iPhone is an explosive brand of confusion.

But the 2018 iPhone is not the first time Apple's products have confusing, clumsy or simply unacceptable names. Please prepare for the repulsive memories by telling the worst name of Apple products all the time.

Worst apple product name

Today, the simple naming convention reintroduced when Steve Jobs returned to Apple in the 1990s only erases the memory. However, if you force you to revisit the name of Apple products, you can start with digital nightmare and find lots of nonsense.

Performa 6117 CD

Switching to a new type of processor is a big news and perhaps will encourage the upgrade of many people. So obviously do you want to choose the name of a computer that is easier to remember for the user? Try this for people who name Performa 6117CD. Launched at the end of 1994 was Apple's first computer line to provide a new PowerPC processor developed by IBM and Motorola.

At this point, the line of the Mac was terribly confused, the Quadra, Centris and Performa lines are all subcategories. To further confuse the 6117 CD is exactly the same as Performa 6115 CD, but with the financial software package.

Imagine that you can bundle your new iPhone XS Max into an image editing application like iPhone XP Photo. It will not make sense.

Apple II EuroPlus and J-Plus

I landed in the pre-Internet era while Apple is still in the early stages, so I can forgive this a bit easier than others on this list.

When Cupertino started moving to a new market in the late 1970's, it needed to localize to sell products worldwide. In Europe, for exle, we had to comply with local standards such as different voltages and video output signals. In Japan, we needed to support katakana script.

Apple keeps the same image and adds names such as EuroPlus and J-Plus instead of making changes.

Given the number of markets Apple is operating today, I am delighted with what the company has.

Hope you like the news Move over, iPhone XS Max! Worst Apple product names of all time. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂

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