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Excellent 4 color drawings full of life and action. 64 pages, full color on each page. Each book costs $ 2.99 or all 4 books for the reduced price of $ 9.99. My First Handy Bible is a bestseller and has sold approximately 2 million copies in over 54 languages, with more being added each year. This mobile Bible series could be the first introduction to your child's biblical stories. Take a look at the free app and example pages: read in video format or read yourself.

The Handy Bible series is a Bible library for children and is now available in an exciting interactive format. The four books approach the Bible from different angles, all aiming to communicate who God is and his love for the little ones. It is illustrated by Gustavo Mazali.

Each animated page has sound effects, original music and lots of playful elements.

Children can choose:
to read the story itself.
to read the story aloud.
to record their own voice and become a narrator (or ask someone to do it for them!).
Enjoy the animated book with exciting stories, sound effects and music.
to enjoy interactive actions by pressing different points on each double page.

Handy Bible Series, 4 titles (FREE PAGES)
• My first handy Bible (The physical book sold nearly 2 million copies)
• The Angel Bible (FREE DOWNLOAD)
• Parables of the Bible (The found sheep, the house on the rock, the son who came home, the lost coin)
• Stories of the Bible (Creation, Noah's Ark, Christmas, Easter)

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