NBN upgrades transit network to 19.2Tbps per fibre link

Australia's National Broadband Network (NBN) announced that it will double the capacity of fiber-optic transit networks to 19.2 Tbps per fiber-optic link in response to increased traffic and demand.

In Sydney, it becomes available between Eastern Creek and Asquith, and a 3,600 km Darwin-Brisbane road will be introduced in December to support the growth of Sky Muster satellite service. .

"Capacity upgrades were made possible by the introduction of the new CloudWave Optics optical transmission technology from Coriant network equipment manufacturers that support transmission speeds of 200 gigabits per second on basic optical transmission networks.

This technology, which can be upgraded to 400 Gbps, is introduced in 121 NBN interconnection points, fiber optic access nodes, and all high traffic paths of "demand-driven".

Kathrine Dyer, NBN's Network Deployment Manager, says: "As demand increases, there is a clear product roadmap to continuously update this network with additional capacity.

"By upgrading CloudWave Optics technology you can further increase the total capacity of the transit network, and Coliant is helping to accomplish these upgrades in building this release.

Last June, NBN announced a partnership with Coriant to increase capacity of optical fiber relay network.

Coriant, a Munich-based SDN (Optical Network, IP and Software Definition) solution provider, uses CloudWave Optics's programmable networking solution to achieve a transmission rate of 100 Gbps per wavelength with a modular rate of 4 (4 QAM) Announced. 150 Gbps using 8 QAM; 200 Gbps using 16 QAM.

NBN will allow network traffic to be sent to retailers and allow access nodes to connect to POIs that return data to the two NBN data centers. The NBN transit network has deployed over 60,000 kilometers of optical packet transfer platform I will.

NBN's regional investigation requires more time

NBN's Joint Committee Standing Committee also reviewed the deployment survey in Australia's regional and rural areas after receiving several submissions including lt; a href = "http://www.zdnet.com/" Western Australia – Hope – 100mbps – Minimum – nbn – Canned in speed and cvc / revealed that more time is needed to …

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