Ne-Yo wants to diversify Silicon Valley's investment at the same time.

One clothing Naruto Phrase of T – shirt and hat "lonely wolf", Ne – Yo falls in a chair in the classroom of Holberton school. The grammy award winning artist does not remember the name of "this actor" who has a successful career in the entertainment industry and technology investment.

"I learned everything he was doing and I thought it was wonderful for him," Neyo said. "But I really did not know my place in the technology.

"This actor" is Ashton Kutcher, It is widely known for his role in Hollywood and other big hit movies and TV series In the 70's show, In Silicon Valley it is respected for investment by Sound Ventures and A – Grade such as Uber, Airbnb, Spotify, Bird etc.

Ne-Yo, as part of it, is known for a series of R's. B hit So sick, One in one million people And thanks to you. His last album, a good man, It was released in June.

Ne-Yo, like Kutcher, is interested in continuing a concert with investment, but I do not want to waste time pursuing the next big thing. His goal is to use wealth to encourage people like him to think software engineering and other technical careers as viable options.

"Small black children who have grown do not say," I want to become an encoder when I grow up. " It's not true for them, because no one seems to be like me, "Ne-Yo said. . "But technology literally changes the world by that day, so I feel that it makes sense to make it available to everyone.

Last year, Ne – Yo made a leap to venture capital. The first deal is investment in Holberton School of the two-year coding and academy founded by Julien Barbier and Sylvain Kalache. Singer returned to San Francisco this month and attended the inauguration ceremony of Hornburton's headquarters in the district mission street.

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Ne-Yo wants to diversify Silicon Valley's investment at the same time.

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