Netflix Deletes All User Reviews

Netflix has removed all user reviews submitted for TV shows, movies from its website as part of the company’s decision. The company started informing its subscribers about the move last month. Users could only post notices until July 30th. The company also added that it would delete all existing notes by mid-August, reported Variety.

Netflix recommends the content to its users anyway. The “Because you watched” tab offers viewers a program similar to a movie or show they just finished, offering Frozen Planet to someone who just blew up Planet Earth II and follows their interests. Because broadcast devices rely more on such algorithms to keep users stuck on screens, the platforms are no longer up to the old peer recommendations. Netflix erasing its critics’ section comes a little over a year after Amazon’s all-cinema, and TV database closed its commentary forums, even though space has become full of civil discussions. They have already been.

Netflix has indicated that it has decided to remove this feature in response to the decline in the number of users submitting notices. But the removal of reviews will undoubtedly have an impact on users, who rely on the opinions of members to find new shows to watch. The famous original Stranger Things series had 4,000 comments on the Netflix site before removing the feature.

“The reviews and our redesigned rating system (thumbs up/down) never contributed to how we approach personalising recommendations for members and writing a ‘bad’ review never had any bearing to whether a title was recommended to another viewer or not,” Netflix’s company representative added.

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