All you need to know about the ‘Android N Features’

Android N isn’t only about notifications and multi-window mode, even when they’re the biggest and most, noticeable features.

Android N is set to be one of the best Android releases yet with tons of improvements and new features. Here is all the part we all know so far in regards to the next iteration of Google’s mobile operating system.

Android N has a pack of important new features in store for its users—those who eventually receive the update and don’t have those features split out or replaced by their phone’s manufacturer, anyway. We’ve already covered a lot of the biggest user-facing stuff, together with the multi-window multitasking mode, the revamped notifications and quick settings, and the new Android N UI customization options.

Though every year there are a few smaller or hidden features which are significant to the program but don’t get as much of a spotlight, either because they’re hidden under the covers or they appeal to a narrower viewers. As we’ve performed forAndroid L and M, we’ve seemed on the developer docs and come up with a handful of new additions that you must know about as you’re taking part in with these early developer builds.

New Android N Features

Multi-Windows Support

android n features

Android N will sport a new feature, dubbed Multi-window, that allows multiple windows on a single display. The attribute is known as android: resizable Activity is out there for apps concentrating on N and beyond. With this enabled, a user can put apps into a split-screen mode. The feature is related to work when users switch from landscape to portrait mode. The apps should be able to deal with the reconfiguration themselves. Apps can even go into picture-in-picture mode on devices like TVs.

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Notification Enhancements

android n features

There are a few of enhancements to notifications. First, Android N permits users to receive incoming message notifications quickly and conveniently, without drop the notification shade. There may be also a feature called Bundled Notifications. This, as you’ll be able to work out, groups notifications from the same app together – for instance individual messages of a messaging app. Grouped notifications can be expanded into individual notifications by using a two-finger gesture or tapping the new expansion button.

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Quick Settings

android n features

Quick Settings lets you can define your key settings and actions straight from the notification shade. This new Android N 7.0 feature has enhanced the scope of Quick Settings to make it even more useful and handy.

Pagination: Google Android N has paginated the Quick Settings tiles which may be accessed by swiping the right or left. Also, Google has given freedom so as to add or move tiles just by dropping and dragging them.

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Data Saver

android n features

Google has made use of Microsoft Windows 10 metered connection and iOS background app refresh to restrict/reduce the data usage by the Android apps within the background.

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Language Localization of Android

Like free open source operating systems Similar to Ubuntu or any other, Android may also support a new Feature call language localization. On language localization, you may directly relate localization with like old Nokia basic phones which can help a lot of local languages.

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Android TV Recording.

Android N 7.0 also provides the ability to record/seize and playback content from the Android TV. Here Android TV Recording features can be used via new recording APIs.

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Android Accessibility enhancements.

Including Android Accessibility enhancements the Android N new features, a user will be provided Vision Settings straight on the welcome or setup screen for fresh device setup. Android Accessibility enhancements make it a lot easier for users to configure the accessibility features at Android N 7.0 like font size, display size, magnification gesture, and TalkBack.

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Call screening feature.

Android N 7.0 allows you the default phone app to screen or monitor incoming calls. A few of the call screening features are:

  • Reject the incoming call
  • Don’t show the user a notification for the call
  • Don’t enable the call to the call log
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Number blocking feature.

  • The Multiple apps can use the same blocked numbers listing
  • Numbers blocked on calls are also blocked when texts
  • Also, the blocked numbers can persist during resets and devices by the Backup & Restore feature
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Key attestation in Android N.

Hardware-backed key shops provide a much safer technique to create, save/store, and use cryptographic keys on Android N 7.0 devices. Key attestation in Android N protects keys from the Linux kernel, potential Android vulnerabilities, and extraction from rooted android devices.

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Network Security Config in Android N.

Android N 7.0 also grant you the freedom to customize and Configure the behavior of their secure (HTTPS, TLS) connections securely/safely, without any code modification. At the development side, this Android N 7.0 feature is going to assist the developers a lot especially in the SIP,VOIP, RTP/RTCP setups.

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Improved Java 8 support

Android N brings Java 8 language features to the OS. The latest update implies users can access Java 8 language features, together with lambdas and more, on Android versions way back to Gingerbread. This is mentioned to reduce “boilerplate” code. For example, lambdas can replace anonymous inner classes meanwhile providing event listeners. Some Java 8 language features – like default and static strategies, streams, and useful interfaces – are additionally now available on N and above.

So above are the suggestion of Android N Features. Hope you like the post, share with your friends and family. If you want to add any new features about android N then suggest via comment below.

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