A new Chrome feature automatically mutes multiple tabs

One of the new versions of Chrome added something great to the browser; a sound indicator in the tab that tells you which ones tab is playing any audio. This feature doesn’t only work for YouTube videos or other embedded media players however also for these annoying video advertisements that play on their own making it very easy to determine the wrong tab. Mute Inactive Tabs is a Chrome extension that does anything equally useful in this view; it mutes a tab playing any sound if it is inactive. After you have installed the extension in Chrome, you’ll notice a new icon that it added to the main toolbar of the browser. This symbol can be utilized to turn it on or off with a click on which may be helpful if you need sound to play in background tabs at times. Say, if you wish to listen to Internet Radio or a video on a site in the background.

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It blocked videos on YouTube and Dailymotion for instance, and Flash advertisements on Kongregate. The extension disappointed however on Udemy where it didn’t block videos from playing. You’re probably wondering how the sound is stopped in these tabs. On some websites, YouTube, for example, videos are paused automatically so that they are often played from the position playback stopped. On Kongregate, the Flash contents have been loaded a new completely.

It’s possible you’ll have to run the extension in your finish for some time to find out how it interacts with the websites that you go to regularly to determine whether it is suitable for you. Mute Inactive Tabs for Chrome works well for a first version. Whereas it has issues with some elements that it doesn’t stop but, it worked fine on the majority of sites, I examined the extension on. That is one thing that you should want to keep an eye on, particularly if you find auto-playing sounds in background tabs annoying.

Enabling the Chrome Mute Button


Google has built the feature in current versions of Chrome. You want to open chrome://flags/#enable-tab-audio-muting on the browser’s address bar and set it to true to allow it that reads Allow tab audio muting UI control. Be sure you use the Restart button situated on the bottom. This can help you keep the session history whereas resetting.


You should now see the speaker icon on the tabs which are enjoying audio. However, this time the images will be interactive, and you may just click on them to mute your complete page. The control doesn’t extend to improving or decreasing the volume of that tab, at least not at the moment. However, for starters, it’s ok.

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