New Echo devices and more: Everything Amazon announced

On Thursday, Amazon announced a series of new devices that further incorporated Alexa speech recognition assistants into homes such as subwoofers, smart plugs, microwave ovens. The technology giant has also updated Echo, a smart speaker that helped the e-commerce industry giant establish the first lead in the voice interface.

At Amazon's headquarters event in Seattle, Amazon's SVP device, David Limp, the service, the asked reporter "imagines the future with thousands of devices in your house". Amazon plans to realize this by not only deploying some new products and updated products, but also promoting further integration with other product manufacturers and providing new domestic services.

Amazon's device strategy is essentially everything in Alexa. Last year, Amazon introduced a series of new echo form factors to expand the reach of Alexa 's hands. In CES 2017, Alexa was a headliner and integrated into various devices.

ZDNet's partner site CNET has a live blog that keeps track of all the details of Amazon's advertisement.

An overview of the new one is here:

Echo below

Echo sub adds bass when listening to music, in combination with echo or echo over. Thanks to the 6-inch Woofer, 100 W of bass can be obtained. Pairing with two of the same echo devices, EchoSub will allow left and right stereo sounds. To do this, the user connects, opens the Alexa application, and connects wirelessly to the echo device controlling music.

Amazon Echo Link and Echo Link

Amazon also announced two other audio products, Echo Link ($ 299.99) and Echo Link ($ 199.99), to complete the new Echo Sub. These are stereo survival devices with multiple audio input and output options. Link connects to the receiver or riser and Link allows echoes to play music on your stereo system. It has a dual 60 watt writer channel. The link device will be released early next year and will support Ethernet and coaxial cable.

They are designed to work with other echo devices, and Alexa is not built in.

Amazon Smart Plug

With the Amazon Smart Plug, users can control outlets via Alexa. Users can turn on / off hours lamps, coffee machines, appliances, etc. automatically. It can also be controlled remotely.

You do not need a smart home hub. Users simply connect the device and control that device using an Alexa application or an Alexa compatible device. Users can …

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