New Google Maps feature will make planning events with your friends actually fun

Going out with your gang is very boring, especially when planning an event. Choosing a location and agreeing is not always easy. Fortunately, Google just introduced a new feature map to make it easier and fun for event planning, so I'd like to fix it all.

With this new feature available on both Android and iPhone, you can easily select restaurants, bars and other attractions and share with groups. Everyone can see the proposal and vote for what they like. It is far more democratic and everything can save valuable time.

This feature reduces the time spent traveling between friends and email applications and allows you to share links when planning your next meeting. Instead, all this can be done more easily. All the mechanisms are as follows.

When exploring the environment, you can add suggestions to the Google Maps candidate list.

Image Source: Google

When you complete your selection, please share easily with the group.

Image Source: Google

Not only can you vote for your favorite choice, but you can add or delete places.

Image Source: Google

As mentioned above, all suggestions will be displayed on the map. This is useful because you do not need to ask the restaurant's location or route. Even catching it is okay.

Obviously, to use this feature, you need to install Google Maps on your iPhone or Android device. In order to use it you probably need to log in to your Google Account.

Image source: AP / REX / Shutterstock


Hope you like the news New Google Maps feature will make planning events with your friends actually fun. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂

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