New iPhones can conduct certain NFC transactions even when iOS is not running

IPhone XS and XS Max delivered this week, and future iPhone XR will support some NFC card transactions even if the host device is powered because iOS does not work and needs charging.

What is buried in the technical specification announced by Apple for the new iPhone XS and XR lines arriving on September 21 and 26 is Express Card with power reserve. This feature allows the new iPhone to run NFC transactions supported without iOS support.

In the iPhone XS specifications, a list of "Express cards with power reserve" is displayed on all models. More recent information is provided in the recently released Apple iOS Security Guide update.

"Because it is necessary to charge the iPhone, if iOS does not work, there may be enough power left on the battery to support the Express Card's transaction. Supported iPhone devices use internal cards It will automatically support this function. [and] A student card with express mode enabled. "

In addition, according to the security guide, on iOS 12, pressing the side button will display text indicating both the low battery icon and the text indicating that the Express card is available.

"The NFC controller will perform an Express card transaction under the same conditions as iOS, but only the tactile notice will be displayed on the transaction.

In particular, this function can not be used after shutting down the standard hardware because it only has access to the power reserve function in the low power state.

Originally listed in the "Power Reserve Express card" available in several countries Apple added this language to the world specification page. He is now known. By distanceThe Apple Express Express Transit card works with power reserve in Japan and China, but it is unknown whether it will work in other places. A year ago, Apple globally supported FeliCa to Apple Pay using iPhone 8, iPhone X, Apple Series 3 globally.

The new ability will be the merit of the transit card holder and student card issued by the participating educational institution. With the ExpressCard card with the power reserve function, the important physical function of the NFC card (no power supply) becomes available on the iPhone, and the user can not keep turning on the device.

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