New relics changes accompanying the evolution of surveillance landscape – News

Lew Cirne, CEO of New Relic, was a bit nostalgic last week to talk about the announcement of the company's FutureStack conference in San Francisco. Ten years have passed since he first spoke to the news on his monitoring tool. Many things changed in ten years, including what he's been monitoring recently.

Cirne is convinced that his business has been a long way since the beginning. The world of surveillance experiences earthquake changes as the application evolves. Her business needs to change with her to maintain the relationship with the current market.

Initially we were monitoring the Ruby on Rails application, but the number of days spent watching fixed virtual machines has passed. Today, companies use containers and Kubernetes, but beyond that, they also use a serverless architecture. Each of these approaches challenges the vast amount of surveillance society, such as New Relic, especially temporary nature and the associated work of these new ways of work.

"We believe that these changes have given us the opportunity to better differentiate and strengthen new relics This is actually the most logical way to solve this problem. He believes that his company is always code-centric, as opposed to the infrastructure being delivered, and it helps to make adjustments when delivery mechanisms are changed.

Today, the company is introducing many new features and features designed to meet the changing needs of customers …

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New relics changes accompanying the evolution of surveillance landscape - News

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