New SoundCloud custom playlists correspond to mashups not licensed

SoundCloud has released a new personalized playlist called SoundCloud Weekly. Playlists that are updated every Monday are displayed at the top of the SoundCloud account under the "Discover" tab.

Spotify's Discover Weekly is the first time in 3 years, but SoundCloud Weekly reflects your listening comprehension and needs to provide 30 DJ tracks and mixes to match recently played. In addition to games, SoundCloud shares what you like when you decide what to put in the playlist, taking into account your favorite tracks.

Weekend playlist has been revealed for last Saturday's summer SoundCloud, which is trying to regain her energy under the new CEO Kelly Trainer. Under Trainor's leadership, SoundCloud has been revised and implemented several features to compete with competing services such as Spotify and Apple Music and maintain relationships with independent creators.

SoundCloud Weekly integrates this discovery into the platform and shows the concept of the founder. Instead, he unintentionally exposes the ongoing struggle of SoundCloud in Copyright Management. My current SoundCloud Weekly Playlist deals with legitimate inferior tracks in a relatively small number of games, but it also serves as a mashup that violates SoundCloud's own terms of service.

In March last year, SoundCloud contracted with the three major labels, but the platform is clearly obvious: users should not download …

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New SoundCloud custom playlists correspond to mashups not licensed

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