New technology might make the front-facing iPhone camera invisible

Since almost all Android device makers who copied this copied this year, iPhone X sets Notch as a mandatory design function. Samsung was both amazing and a fresh surprise. But it is not because we accepted and accepted the notch that last year is better. This is always a frame that cuts the top of the screen to two and is a compromise proposal to accept as Apple and everyone hopes to create a complete screen smartphone.

We have already seen the first nearly perfect screen design, but they are not moving in the right direction of the industry. Chinese companies have made all kinds of sliding camcorders to get rid of notches, but these devices do not yet have a bezel. This is a feature not found in iPhone X. It goes without saying that sliding cameras are not compatible with identification cards. To make matters worse, there is the possibility of damaging the water resistance of the telephone.

In a faraway future, Apple will find a way to put TrueDepth and FaceTime cameras behind the screen. Front speakers and other front sensors also need to be installed behind the screen. But before that, smartphone vendors such as Apple can use the new product to make the notch of the full screen phone beautiful.

Largan is developing a "pure black" coating for self-cameras that makes smartphone makers invisible to the naked eye of the front camera. As well as now, you can easily see the self cams on iPhone as well as on smartphones. Some people say it is an uncomfortable design detail, but that is only a mechanism of camera physics.

New pure black coating ensures that the lens of the camera disappears in the background. With this technology, Apple or anyone can not put the camera under the screen. Just try not to see the goal. A pure black coating may not be necessary if Apple develops a screen that can ultimately be overlaid on the camera.

Technology is not official, the first device to use it is not arriving until 2020, MacRumors Above. However, as detailed in Taiwan's news site, this project is not a secret. Economic Daily News And MoneyDJI quote the same report from GF Securities Jeff Pu.

Apple is a customer of Largan and Apple seems likely to use this technology on the new iPhone. However, without mentioning the brand until two companies can adopt it in 2020, according to the report,


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