New tests prove that updating to iOS 12 really does speed up your old iPhone or iPad

Like iPhone XS, the latest Apple iOS update is about performance improvement over new features and features. If you visit Apple's iOS 12 landing page, the performance is the first one that the camera scan is 70% faster, the keyboard is 50% faster, and the application launches faster. But is there any improvement enough to make a difference?

Ars Technica I attempted to answer this question by installing iOS 12 on three older devices, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPad mini 2. Once everything is updated, Ars Technica The startup time of the application and its measured application in its stacking compared to the startup time of at least the previous version of iOS.

Ars All the devices could be fully synchronized before the test was run, each phone and tablet was used slightly, and the impact of battery slowdown inevitably was minimized over time It was.

Starting with iPhone 5S, Ars We tested the startup time of mobile phones using Safari, camera, settings, email, messages, calendar, map, memo startup time etc for various applications. Generally, the performance dropped from iOS 10.3.3 to iOS 11, slightly improved in iOS 11.4.1, and in many cases exceeded iOS 10.3.3 after being upgraded to iOS 12. Even though still iPhone 5S after all this time, if you burn in the past with less important updates, please consider the upgrade seriously.

This result was similar for iPhone 6 Plus tested by Ars on iOS 11.4.1 and iOS 12. Each application tested on the site launched at least 7% faster with a 21.7% improvement in iPhone 6 Plus. Application settings. Mobile phones began as early as 3 seconds after being updated to iOS 12. Another win for iOS users to avoid upgrading.

Finally, the performance of iPad mini 2 was a bit inferior to both mobile phones, but while the tablet launched 4 seconds earlier than iOS 11.4, each application launched faster on iOS 12. 1. That is, it is clear that iPad mini 2 is outdated in 2018.

Things to keep in mind Ars If you are about to breathe new life on your old mobile phone, you can do iOS 12 trick.

Image source: Jonathan Geller, BGR


Hope you like the news New tests prove that updating to iOS 12 really does speed up your old iPhone or iPad. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂

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