LG G4 New World Record For Most Consecutive Selfies Taken

The LG G4 is likely one of the best phones around, however, do you know it is good enough to break Guinness world records? They did so on June 13th, when they beat the world record for the “world’s longest selfie relay chain”, smoking past a record that was previously set within the United States.

LG was able to accomplish this with the help of over 2500 individuals from Mexico’s capital Mexico City. The occasion take place last June 13th on the Chapultepec Castle, a historic building which presently serves as the National Museum of History. 746 selfies had been taken in a period of 2 hours, whereas the last record was at 531 with the Galaxy A3 and A5. It is calculated that LG’s phone took a photo every 10 seconds during this time period.

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This may look like a meaningless occasion to some, but it does exhibit the capabilities the LG G4 has under its arm. This phone occurs to sport an awesome 8 MP front-facing camera, which is alleged to be among the best out there.

LG additionally touts that the LG G4 was able to go through this complete process without having a battery swap or a recharge. In fact, they claim the device still had loads of energy to go round at the end, however, they “ran out of individuals”. Appears odd for a city with one of the most population margins in the world, housing about nine million inhabitants. That is still an accomplishment, though. I’m nearly sure the Samsung Galaxy S6 would have died (this thing dies so fast!)

The phone sure isn’t perfect, however, we did not have many bad issues to say about it in our LG G4 review. It’s actually no wonder LG decided to use this phone to accomplish such feat. Which smartphone will beat the LG G4’s record? We can solely wait and see, however maybe we can make some speculations in the comments below!


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