Newegg Breach Resulted in loss of Credit Card Data

A recent violation of Newegg lasted one month, and the hacker stole the customer's credit card information.

TechCrunch injected 15 lines of skimming code into online retailer payment page to RiskIQ threat researcher Yonathan Klijnsma. TechCrunch lasted more than a month from September 14th to September 18th. This code could pull up credit card data to hacker controlled servers with similar domain names from undoubted customers and avoid detection. The server even even used to merge HTTPS certificates.

Over the past two years I used a service called It leads to my bank account and I can actually create infinite virtual cards and use them in different places. And that is not an advertisement, I think it is an excellent service. It is basically a password manager for money.

check it out: Newegg Breach caused a loss of credit card data

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