News: Apple hit with patent infringement suit over iMessage ; FaceTime encryption tech

AppleInsider Reported the first lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California. According to MPH Technologies, Apple violates eight patents for secure messaging features.

In this case, MPH specifically states that iMessage, FaceTime, Apple's VPN technology used in MDM solutions among companies and training customers infringes on eight patents.

The MPH patent relates to secure communication technology and states that he is used in macOS, iOS, and macOS. MPH also includes features such as Handoff, Universal Clipboard, iPhone Cell Phone Relay, iPhone Text Messaging Transfer.

MPH first contacted Apple about patent infringement in 2016 through several e-mails. In addition, MPH warned Apple of the newly granted patents. It was in violation. Finally, Apple does not believe that licensing is necessary as the patent seems to be interpreted by MPH and the patent is not infringed or invalidated.

In addition, Apple requested MPH to "provide detailed explanation" about its status that MPH is subscribed to. In that response, MPH refuted Apple's "noninfringement and invalidity assertion and assertion" and provided copies of the patent in question.

In accordance with this correspondence, representatives of Apple and MPH held several telephone conferences to discuss potential licensing agreements.

harding May 2017 license negotiation, Apple'sEle, Apple Immediately prepare and send an analysis of suspected one or more faults It is a patent based on the prior art. However, at the time of filing this complaint, Analysis with MPH.

Now, MPH Technologies comes after Apple in the audience's room. The company is seeking an injunction against uninfunded compensation for patent infringement and further use of the technology using the patent in question.

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