News: iOS App Store bug makes apps including Facebook look a lot larger than they actually are

The size of the application was a topic that was open to discussion for a while, as the number of applications tended to increase with the passage of time. Large applications, once installed, not only take up more space on the device, but also have the negative impact of consuming more bandwidth for downloading and updating and downloading 150 Mo limit on the cell.

Immediately after iOS 12 release, some users noticed a very large app on the App Store. If you think of the Facebook application as exe, the App Store reports the size of the application at 519 MB. When actually installing the application and examining the storage settings, 316 MB is required for the device. This size varies depending on the device, but it is 200 MB smaller than the size shown on the App Store.

The App Store uses a process called application to download only the code and resources needed to run the application to the device. When the developer submits the application to Apple, a different package is created for each supported device. These packages are usually a bit smaller than general purpose packages that contain all the code and resources of all supported devices.

Instead of showing the package size of the device you are currently using, you can verify that the App Store reports the size of universal packages for several applications. This is to make Facebook (and other apps) larger than actually downloaded to your device.

This bug has been reported to Apple and will update it if new information is available.

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