News: Lifesum Apple Series 4 update featured in keynote now available

Lifesum is an application that monitors and records calorie and water consumption, and will update the application with a new complication of Apple Series 4. Updated applications released at the conference are now available to all users.

Lifesum facilitates and accelerates calorie and fluid intake, movement, outline of daily progress, lifestyle choice awareness and decision-making records and monitoring to change lives. All this, at first glance, will be accessible without opening the Lifesum application. In other words, regardless of user activity level, personalized health information can be easily displayed and responded accordingly.

In this application, three new complications are introduced today, tracking, encouragement, and circulation. Monitoring provides users with the latest and most important data such as calories burned, fat, carbohydrates, protein intake. To encourage them, that is pretty self explanatory. It provides contextual nutritional advice such as "hydration of the watch" and "snack time" to the user.

Finally, there is a cyclic complication that is only a new rounded complication update on the new face of the Apple Series 4.

Today 's update collects information to encourage more people to live a positive and healthy life for those who decide to move to Apple Series 4.

Lifesum can be downloaded for free on the App Store.

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