News: Some iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max units not charging automatically when power cable is plugged in

We received several reports from the iPhone XS owner and iPhone XS Max that we noticed that the phone did not start charging when the Lightning cable was plugged in while the screen was off. . Affected users will see that the display is powered on and that you need to reconnect the cables to start charging.

This problem is highlighted in the video of UnboxTherapy (built-in below) which repeats the charge test on 8 kinds of iPhone XS models. Most of that mobile phone poses a problem. The device does not respond to cable connections. Most operations will work after waking up the screen.

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In general, when connecting the iPhone with a cable, charging starts with the battery indicator displayed on the lock screen, and the screen turns on.

The symptoms of ChargeGate are somewhat different. Some devices tap the screen or use Raise to Wake to recharge only when the screen is running. Some do not charge until the device starts up And The cable is disconnected and reconnected.

The UnboxTherapy channel tested several different iPhone XS units in the studio and demonstrated the various problems that occurred. Reddit and Apple Support Forum have lots of comments.

Whether there is a hardware or software problem is unknown. This certainly does not seem to affect all models of the iPhone XS. Therefore it can be a serious problem related to batch or intermittent firmware problems. People affected by this issue show that the iPhone works properly with a wireless charger.

Some people said that USB restriction mode is the cause. However, the security measures imposed by the restricted USB mode should never impact simple charging bricks. We have to wait until Apple reveals what's going on here.

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