News: Some iPhone XS ; iPhone XS Max pre-orders potentially delayed until Monday, UPS indicates

Many iPhone XS customers are going to Twitter this evening to get frustrated that Friday, September 21 to Monday, September 24, the order was in time. Interestingly, the Apple website shows that in this situation it is scheduled to be delivered on Friday.

A Twitter users I was able to contact UPS support. He explained that delivery is delayed because "the sender has exceeded the maximum amount that he has contracted."

We have contracts with some shippers and the number of packages that can be delivered to UPS every day is limited. If this amount is exceeded, packets may be delayed as in this case. Before exporting recently shipped items, we must first complete the packages given to us the day before.

This answer must be taken with a piece of salt at this time. Because both UPS and Apple representatives are silent about the situation. In addition, it is strange this year that Apple will reach its largest shipment volume as the iPhone release is more secure this year.

It is very likely that this is some problem that will be resolved shortly. In the meantime, this problem seems to affect many customers of iPhone XS. My iPhone XS Max is personally broadcast on the Apple website on Friday, but UPS is late until Monday 24th September.

you too? Are you affected by this delay? Please let us know in comments! The following tweets

Even better! 4

– Tyler (@ fleetjuice) September 21, 2018


– Mike Beasley (@ MikeBeas) September 21, 2018

@UPS @ AppleSupport Why are you saying my iPhone orders are shipping now on Monday? Was it a weekly launch day (21th)? Did he say on the 24th now?

– Andy Davenport (@ BubbaBro 97) September 21, 2018

@ 9to5mac My UPS shipment has been updated.
The delivery date was changed to September 24# i Phone Xs dAdNj 2 n 9 e

– mansour alamri (@ man_sour1) September 21, 2018

@ AppleSupport I was very disappointed. I am looking forward to the new Iphone XS tomorrow, but it will not be until Monday. Does it really come from China, must come back and come back? And why is Louisville from Anchorage when I am in British Columbia? I am not happy. # i Phone XS

– Cindiswarband (@ CPSwoveland) September 21, 2018

The iPhone has been pushed back so as not to arrive by Monday. A

– Brian Minor (@ brianminor) September 21, 2018

My iPhone was delivered tomorrow and delivered on Monday. Via UPS. Does anyone have this problem? # i Phone X Smax @ AppleSupport

– Christine (@ criscosays) September 21, 2018

@ UPS Help My iPhone was scheduled to arrive at the end of tomorrow. My wife is always there. Did the mine return to AK four hours before departing Anchorage and have been postponed until Monday? Which one?

– Collin Elliott (@ collin_elliott) September 21, 2018

Hello @UPS And @ UPS Help! Why are you me? # i Phone The shipment was postponed until Monday, why were all my luggage delayed? I live in your hometown. I am tired of dropping that bullet. If you like, please do me.

– John C. Bennett (@ Bonhennet) September 21, 2018

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