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5 Dangerous Google Searches You Need to Avoid Right Now!

by Tech Desk
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Google’s Dark Side: 5 Search Terms to Avoid at All Costs

Have you ever Googled coupons or promo codes and wasted 15 minutes entering codes that don’t work? In the worst case, you might end up on a site infected with malware. Streaming can also be expensive, so you may be tempted to search for free TV shows or movies. However, there are many sketchy sites out there, and this may not be the best option. This article outlines some proven tricks to save money and get free movies and shows you can trust.

But, how can a simple Google search be dangerous? It turns out that there is a significant risk when it comes to finding information on Google. According to recent studies, the top 60 Google Play apps have been infected with Android malware affecting millions of users. Furthermore, SEO poisoning and scam ads are commonplace on Google, where cybercriminals can hide nasty malware on their sites.

Although Google has measures in place to prevent these types of fake ads, it can’t guarantee that everyone who buys an ad is vetted. So, what search terms should you avoid? Unfortunately, there are a lot of terms that could cause real harm. Let’s focus on five critical search terms that you should avoid at all costs.

1. Free Credit Report
Cybercriminals typically hunt for the juiciest search terms and will often create sites that resemble trustworthy financial organizations. Although there are legitimate ways to get a free credit report, it’s essential to ensure that the site you’re visiting is legitimate. For example, the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act requires all three credit reporting agencies to provide American consumers with a free annual credit report.

2. Technical Support Phone Numbers
Scammers often create fake numbers, such as technical support phone numbers that appear legitimate. These numbers are designed to lure unsuspecting victims into providing their sensitive information, leading to credit card fraud and identity theft.

3. How to Make Money Online
While there are numerous money-making opportunities online, many of them are bogus. Offers that are too good to be true, such as high salaries, good employee benefits or flexible schedules, are often red flags. It’s important to research thoroughly before accepting any job offer or investing your money in any business opportunity.

4. Free People Search
People-search sites are notorious for scamming people who are curious about a new love interest, a business contact or an old friend. They lure unsuspecting victims into an expensive subscription by creating fake profiles and promising to reveal information about people.

5. Crypto Wallet
If you’re looking for a wallet to store your digital currency, avoid searching for it on Google. Instead, use reputable sources or download the wallet from the official website. Remember, scammers can create fake sites to steal your cryptocurrency or your seed phrase, which is the key to open your wallet from any device.

To keep your tech savvy up and running, it’s essential to stay informed and stay safe from scammers. Listen to Kim Komando’s podcast, “Kim Komando Today,” which offers useful tips and tech news. Her website also has a number of guides, including Opt Out Tuesday, which helps you erase your personal data from junk people search sites.

In conclusion, it’s important to be vigilant when searching for information on Google. Avoid search terms that could lead to cyber attacks or scams, and use reputable sources when seeking information. Stay informed and stay safe! As per information from the source, Fox News Techthese tips will help you avoid the dark side of Google.


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