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Accenture finances Virtonomy, a maker of digital twin technologies

by Michael Huff
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Accenture finances Virtonomy, a maker of digital twin technologies

Virtonomy, a provider of data-driven simulations that employ current patient data and digital twin technologies to bring life-saving medical products to market more quickly, has received a strategic investment from Accenture (NYSE: ACN) through Accenture Ventures. The investment from Accenture will enable Virtonomy to further expand its capabilities to medical technology (MedTech) businesses around the world and drive the development of medical devices in the future.

Medical device manufacturers may create model patient virtual environments for device testing at a lower cost and with less regulatory complexity thanks to Virtonomy’s digital twin simulation technology. The answer is based on an ever-growing database of actual clinical data, which includes information on disease conditions, demographic diversity, and anatomical heterogeneity.

“Digital twin technology is opening the door to countless new options to transform the life sciences business.” “Yet in order to create precise digital twin simulations, a solid data foundation is always required. We will collaborate with Virtonomy to establish a plan for real-time data gathering that takes into account both continuous data monitoring and validation from new sources, as well as high-quality historical data.”

As an illustration, Virtonomy’s technology can make use of data already collected from pediatric clinical trials to build virtual settings in which medical devices can be quickly and easily set up, changed, and verified with regard to their potential effects. This method saves time while still adhering to moral and legal requirements. A multidisciplinary group of experts in medical engineering, image and data processing, visualization, and clinical practice make up the Virtonomy team, which has its headquarters in Munich, Germany.

Dr. Simon J. Sonntag, co-founder and CEO of Virtonomy, stated that “the medical device sector is facing increased complexity in development processes, impacting risk, cost, and time-to-market for key medical products.” “Digital twin technology can assist address these issues, and leveraging Accenture’s expertise in data strategy and management will help Virtonomy enhance our current clinical data library, with necessary information and useful insights that can speed up the development of medical devices.”

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