According to Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri, Avenida Central Vista is now ready with a new look.

According to Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri, Avenida Central Vista is now ready with a new look.

‘Despite the COVID pandemic, 4,000 people had been working round the clock. So, I am grateful to them, I am grateful to my colleague and ministry. Whenever we had required their cooperation, we got in full measure from all departments”, he added. Puri criticised the opposition parties’ remarks over the Central Vista project. “First they were told that this project would not be completed in a timely manner. Second, there was some concern from the environmentalists. But we addressed everything.” According to him, out of 25 trees, 22 trees have been relocated to other places. “I am hopeful that the new Parliament building will also be complete by October this year”, said the Union Minister. It is worth mentioning that after the completion of Central Vista Avenue, additional space up to 40,000 square metres would be accessible to people. Besides this, new sidewalks have been added in place of the red sand path, resulting in 94,600 metres of walkable pathways.

Nishant Ketu contributed to this article. Hardeep Singh Puri, the Union Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs, announced on Saturday that Central Vista Avenue is fully operational with its new impact. Puri told ANI at Central Vista Avenue that the green coverage has been improved as a result of the redevelopment. “Central Vista Avenue has been enlarged as well. The walkways are now 12 to 15 kilometres long. The bodies of water have been cleaned. This is a brand-new consequence “, said the Union Minister. Puri stated, “During the construction of the Central Vista project, we had several problems.” “The definition of a difficulty is that you must meet it. The challenge was successfully completed, and it was completed in a timely manner.”

“As many as 422 new stone benches have been installed. With this, there will now be 16 bridges on the canals. Amenities like restrooms have been added which will be differently-abled friendly. Tourists will also have access to a step garden where people can come and sit, said Puri. In addition to new features, The Rajpath will now have underground stormwater drainage and a micro-irrigation sprinkler system to deal will puddles and waterlogging. The parking facility has been increased and would now be able to house 50 buses and 1,000 vehicles at the same time. The Avenue will now have four underpasses — 150 metres in length, at the Janpath – Rajpath crossing and C-Hexagon.

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