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Adda247 announces free study material for students, invites teachers from offline training institutes to give free classes

by Rahul Chauhan
1 minutes read

Adda247, an education technology test preparation company, has accomplished its mission to empower students through easy access to quality education and has announced a duo of useful and complementary learning initiatives for students and coaching institutions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Adda247 has invited offline coaching institutes to use their state-of-the-art platform to provide free classes for students preparation for exams for banking, SSC, education, defense, PCS, etc. Adda247 also distributes free study materials among students on its digital to learn.

The online technology-driven platform is the industry’s first platform, addressing the apparent need of the hour by beckoning experienced offline tuition centers to use the company’s advanced platform to distribute essential classes to students. In the event that coaching institutes remain closed due to the pan-India lockdown, the initiative will prove very valuable in furthering their knowledge curve. Adda247 has launched # 21DaysChallenge for community activities in the form of free mock tests for students and also offers test preparation courses at an affordable price.

Anil Nagar, CEO and founder of Adda247, said: “This is indeed an entire period of the entire human race, something that can only be overcome through a synergistic collaboration of intelligence and resources across all countries of the world. But it is also true that setbacks as difficult as it may be, a test of human character. We promise to overcome this catastrophic epidemic by uniting our efforts and our prayers with the world. “” Furthermore, as a responsible corporate citizen, I believed it to be our most important duty is to support and strengthen our educational user base, which also includes less affluent students with limited economic resources.Providing every student with free study material from leading teachers on our cutting edge platform is the least we can contribute during the nationwide closure of all schools and coaching institutes. “

Over the years, Adda247 has developed a highly scalable, technology-driven platform that guarantees the latency of existing users without delay, especially during times of new acquisitions. With a total funding of Rs 3 million, Adda247 has created a team of over 500 professionals and a wide network of over 100 teachers. Thanks to its unique value proposition, Adda247 has reached over 5 million YouTube subscribers and over 10 million app downloads. (ANI)

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