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Admiral Ret. Craig Faller Joins Strider Technologies as Advisor: A Strategic Powerhouse for Future Success

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It is said that, Strider Technologies, Inc. has announced that Admiral (Ret.) Craig Faller will be joining the company as an advisor. This strategic move is expected to provide valuable insights into strategic priorities, product development, and other opportunities for achieving long-term goals.

As the leading provider of strategic intelligence, Strider aims to protect America’s competitive advantage and national security. The company recognizes the importance of safeguarding advanced technologies, intellectual property, and talent from geopolitical adversaries. With decades of invaluable national security experience, Admiral Faller is well-equipped to support Strider in their mission.

Greg Levesque, CEO and co-founder of Strider, expressed his enthusiasm about working with Admiral Faller on important strategic initiatives. Levesque acknowledged the significance of protecting intellectual property and technology in today’s global landscape. He emphasized how crucial it is for businesses, research institutions, and government agencies to combat state-sponsored threats effectively.

Admiral Faller himself conveyed his pride in collaborating with the Strider team. He recognized their dedication to protecting America’s competitive advantage and national security through breakthrough intelligence solutions. By providing strategic intelligence to various organizations, Strider enables them to proactively fight against state-sponsored threats.

Admiral Faller graduated from the United States Naval Academy and boasts a wealth of experience in national security matters. During his 40-year naval career, he commanded the United States Southern Command in Miami. His leadership improved security throughout the Western Hemisphere by fostering strong partnerships between the US military and Latin American/Caribbean security forces.

Strider Technologies is revolutionizing how companies, government agencies, universities, and research institutions protect their intellectual property and technology amid global strategic competition. Their pioneering technology and strategic intelligence solutions empower clients to identify vulnerabilities related to state-sponsored intellectual property theft or supply chains actively.

With operations based in Salt Lake City, UT; Washington D.C.; and London, UK; Strider operates on a global scale. Their innovative approach helps clients proactively manage and respond to threats, ensuring the continued protection of their intellectual property and technology.

The essence of the matter, the addition of Admiral (Ret.) Craig Faller as an advisor to Strider Technologies brings a wealth of national security experience and expertise. This collaboration is expected to strengthen Strider’s strategic initiatives, product development, and Presumably long-term goals. With their pioneering technology and intelligence solutions, Strider continues to lead the charge in protecting intellectual property and technology from state-sponsored threats.

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