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AFP Sues Musk’s X: The Copyright Battle Unveiled!

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AFP Sues Musk’s X: The Copyright Battle Unveiled!

It is confirmed that, the AFP news agency has launched a copyright case against social media giant Twitternow known as X. This move is part of a global effort by media groups to urge tech companies to pay for news content. The argument put forth by these media groups is that their stories and images add value to platforms like X, Facebookand Google, and they should receive a share of the profits.

The push for compensation began after an EU law was passed in 2019, allowing payments for sharing content under “neighboring rights.” Eventually, Google and Facebook agreed to pay some French media outlets. However, AFP has accused X, owned by Elon Musk, of refusing to participate in discussions regarding related rights.

In an attempt to estimate fair compensation levels, AFP has taken legal action against X in Paris. The news agency seeks access to data that would help determine an appropriate level of payment from the platform. In a statement, AFP expressed its commitment to advocating for related rights for the press and ensuring a fair distribution of the value generated by news content sharing.

As per the report from Hindustan Times Tech News (source), X has not yet commented on the matter when contacted by AFP.

While media groups in France have achieved some victories in their fight for compensation from tech giants, other regions have seen significant challenges. Meta (formerly Facebook) recently blocked users in Canada from viewing posts from news organizations due to a law requiring compensation for content. Google has also threatened similar actions. Both Meta and Google have faced opposition against similar proposals in Australia.

These tech companies are accused of profiting from traditional news organizations’ content while draining their resources through free usage. Although X is a smaller platform compared to Meta and Google, it may face increased scrutiny as this issue gains more attention.

The conviction, the battle between media groups and tech giants over compensation for news content continues globally. While progress has been made with some platforms agreeing to pay, challenges persist with others. The case between AFP and X highlights the ongoing struggle for fair distribution of value in the digital news landscape.

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