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Agriculture: Cornell Extension Unveils Cutting-Edge Grazing Technology Programs

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Agriculture: Cornell Extension Unveils Cutting-Edge Grazing Technology Programs

It is widely declared that, Cornell Cooperative Extension in southwestern New York is organizing a webinar on new technologies related to livestock grazing. The webinar will take place on October 4th from noon to 1 p.m. One of the key technologies being discussed is PaddockTrac, which was developed by Dr. Stacey Hamilton and Ryan Lock at the University of Missouri.

PaddockTrac is an innovative sensor mounted on an ATV that automatically measures forage height, growth rates, and grass cover. It utilizes a Bluetooth-enabled sensor that connects to a smartphone app, allowing real-time data analysis. This data helps classify paddocks and provides actionable insights for making proactive grazing decisions.

During the webinar, Dr. Hamilton will present a 30-minute session explaining how PaddockTrac works, why it was developed, and its future potential. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and share their own experiences during a dedicated question and answer session.

This informative webinar is free and open to anyone interested in grazing. To register for the event, participants can visit the registration page at after which they will receive the Zoom webinar URL once their registration is confirmed.

For additional information about the event or if you prefer registering by phone or requesting accommodations, please contact Camila Lage at (607) 422-6788 or

Adding to this to this webinar, Cornell Cooperative Extension in Allegany County has planned an interactive pasture walk on October 6th at Birds-All Farm in Canaseraga. The focus of this event will be tools that help estimate forage availability to meet livestock needs and determine paddock size.

Janice Brown and Kim Shaklee, farm owners with experience running a pasture dairy and leasing pasture for beef cattle, will share their knowledge gained through hands-on experience. They currently use a plate meter as an additional tool for estimating forage levels in their paddocks. Zan McKenna, the Eastern New York Coordinator for the Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship Program, will also be present to demonstrate the use of PaddockTrac.

Furthermore, Camila Lage, SWNY Dairy Management Specialist, will provide insights into a hand-trimming technique that can be valuable for beginning dairy farmers who struggle with estimating forage levels. The event will also feature the Grazing Stick provided by NRCS (National Resources Conservation Service), which is particularly helpful for new grazers. Lynn Bliven from Allegany County CCE will be presenting this tool.

The event is free and attendees will be provided with hot dogs, fries, and drinks. Participants are requested to bring their own lawn chair and a plate to pass by. It is also advised to wear clean boots; however, disposable boots will be available at the venue.

While registration is not required for attending this event, it would be appreciated if participants could inform Extension about their lunch plans in advance. Online registration can be completed by visiting the Cornell Extension website or contacting Lynn Bliven at or (585) 268-7644 ext. 18.

These upcoming events organized by Cornell Cooperative Extension in southwestern New York offer valuable opportunities for individuals interested in grazing to learn about innovative technologies such as PaddockTrac and gain insights from experienced professionals in the field. Whether you’re a beginner or an established farmer, these events promise to enhance your knowledge and improve pasture management practices.

To read more about these programs and stay updated on future events organized by Cornell Cooperative Extension in southwestern New York, visit


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