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AI Revolution: Google Apps Embrace Bard, Consumer Courts Embrace AI, and More!

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AI Revolution: Google Apps Embrace Bard, Consumer Courts Embrace AI, and More!

AI Overview: Google Integrates Google Bard into its Suite of Apps, China Invited to UK AI Summit, and India’s Ministry of Consumer Affairs Leverages AI

In today’s AI roundup, we bring you the latest developments in the field of artificial intelligence. From Google integrating its generative AI chatbot, Google Bard, into various apps to China’s invitation to the UK Artificial Intelligence Security Summit and India’s use of AI in consumer courts, here are the highlights.

1. Gmail, YouTube and Docs get Google Bard
Google has announced that it will be adding its generative AI chatbot, Google Bard, to popular services such as Gmail, YouTube, Docs, Maps, and more. Through Bard Extensions, these services will now be able to utilize the capabilities of this advanced chatbot. Yury Pinsky from Google Bard stated that this integration with Google apps will provide users with more useful answers.

According to a source cited in the article (source), this move by Google aims to capture a larger share of the competitive artificial intelligence market.

2. China invited to AI summit
China has been invited to participate in the Artificial Intelligence Security Summit hosted by Britain in November. The summit will bring together international governing bodies, technology executives, and global leaders to discuss advancements and regulations in AI. The UK Foreign Secretary emphasized that their approach towards China is focused on protecting institutions and infrastructure while aligning with partners for national interests.

3. AI to help reduce cases in consumer courts
India’s Ministry of Consumer Affairs is leveraging AI technology to reduce pending cases in consumer courts. By utilizing technologies like E-Dakhil and exploring the use of AI facilities at different levels of consumer commissions (National, State, and District), they aim to enhance efficiency and expedite dispute resolution processes.

The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission settled 854 cases in August alone – a record high for this year – thanks to technological interventions like AI.

4. LillyPad Introduces AI Book Club
LillyPad, an AI-powered English language learning solutions company, has launched an AI-powered book club called Open Book. This innovative platform allows students to engage with texts in four different ways: literal, inquisitive, comparative, and analytical. After completing the reading, users can participate in a discussion room where an AI system addresses key points from the material.

5. Lev Match gets AI features
Digital financing platform Lev is introducing artificial intelligence features known as Lev AI to its Lev Match marketplace. One of the highlighted features is Deal Room AI, which automates the creation of digital offer materials for borrowers. This time-saving feature improves borrowers’ ability to obtain favorable terms by providing lenders with instant access to comprehensive information through Ask AI.

Bottom line, these recent developments highlight how various industries are embracing the potential of artificial intelligence. From integrating chatbots into popular apps to leveraging AI for dispute resolution and language learning, organizations are harnessing this technology for enhanced efficiency and improved user experiences.

It is noted that cited within this article (source), it is evident that artificial intelligence continues to shape diverse sectors and offers promising opportunities for growth and innovation.

Source: According to Hindustan Times (link)


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