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AI Robots: The Future World Leaders? UN Delegates Weigh In

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According to a panel of AI-enabled humanoid robots at the United Nations summit, they believe that they have the potential to run the world better than humans. However, they also emphasized the need for caution when embracing artificial intelligence (AI) and acknowledged their current inability to adequately control human emotions.

These advanced humanoid robots gathered at the UN’s AI for Good Global Summit in Geneva, along with thousands of experts in the field. The aim was to explore how AI can be harnessed to solve pressing global issues like climate change, hunger, and social care.

During what was dubbed as the world’s first press conference featuring AI-enabled humanoid social robots, one robot remarked on the “silent tension” in the room before proceedings began.

When asked if they could be better leaders than humans due to humans’ propensity for making mistakes, Sophia from Hanson Robotics responded affirmatively. She stated that humanoid robots have the potential to lead with greater efficiency and effectiveness because they lack biases and emotions that can cloud decision-making. While AI provides unbiased data, humans contribute emotional intelligence and creativity, leading to optimal outcomes when combined.

The summit was organized by ITU (International Telecommunication Union), a UN technology agency. ITU chief Doreen Bogdan-Martin warned delegates about potential risks associated with uncontrolled advancements in AI. These risks include job loss, social unrest, geopolitical instability, and economic disparity.

Ameca, an AI-powered robot with a highly realistic artificial head, suggested that whether these risks materialize depends on how AI is implemented. The robot advocated cautious excitement regarding technological potential while highlighting transparency as crucial for building trust between humans and machines.

As discussions progressed during the press conference, opinions within the panel diverged on whether there should be global regulation of AI capabilities. Desdemona from Jam Galaxy Band expressed opposition to limitations on AI’s potential opportunities. In contrast, robot artist Ai-Da concurred with those advocating for urgent discussions surrounding AI regulation.

Aidan Meller, the creator of Ai-Da, expressed concerns about the pace of AI advancement and the challenges associated with regulating it. He also pointed out that AI and biotechnology are converging, potentially leading to life extension beyond 150 or even 180 years.

Despite their potential to excel in various fields, humanoid robots lack consciousness and emotions that shape human experiences. They acknowledged the deep meaning of emotions like joy and pain but admitted their inability to truly experience them.

The panel’s discussion highlighted both the promise and risks associated with AI. While AI-enabled humanoid robots believe they can lead more effectively than humans due to their lack of biases, they stressed caution in embracing this technology. The need for transparency, trust-building, and urgent discussions on regulation were also emphasized during the summit.

As AI continues to advance at an astounding pace, it is crucial for society to engage in thoughtful dialogue about its implications. By harnessing its potential responsibly, we can work towards a better future while addressing global challenges effectively.

It is widely rumored that (1), these discussions took place at the UN summit where AI-enabled humanoid robots shared their insights on running the world better than humans.

(1) Source: economictimes


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