News » Technology News » AI Sensing Technology Revolutionizes Monitoring of Nursing Home Patients’ Health in Groundbreaking First

AI Sensing Technology Revolutionizes Monitoring of Nursing Home Patients’ Health in Groundbreaking First

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AI Sensing Technology Revolutionizes Monitoring of Nursing Home Patients’ Health in Groundbreaking First

A Revolutionary Device: Cherish’s Serenity Brings Security and Privacy to Nursing Homes

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in healthcare, and nursing homes have not been overlooked. Wearable devices and cameras have long been used to ensure the safety and health of nursing home residents. However, concerns about privacy and ethical considerations have prevented the widespread adoption of such technologies. Cherish Serenity is one of the latest technologies to address these concerns while offering state-of-the-art monitoring capabilities. Developed in collaboration with AT&T, Cherish Serenity is an industry-first contactless AI detection device designed to help nursing homes and senior communities monitor patients in multiple rooms, without compromising their privacy or dignity.

The device is small, sleek and shaped like a speaker. It plugs into the wall and uses AI radar technology to detect biometrics, body movements, falls and any other security risks through sensors, without the use of cameras. Unlike wearables such as Fitbits and smartwatches, the device requires no charging, which makes it convenient to use. By connecting to the first network response network, it can monitor residents/patients in multiple rooms and through walls. Company officials said that the device would be available for purchase by the end of the year.

Falls cost the US healthcare system $50 billion annually, with 72 million older adults at the risk of experiencing 52 million falls each year by 2030. Cherish Serenity’s market appeal is evident as a solution to such costly problems.

The device takes into account both the security and privacy of the patient. Cherish founder, president, and CEO Sumit Nagpal claims that the platform enables home health and security monitoring without compromising people’s privacy and dignity, without requiring any changes to the way they live. Ethical considerations are often lacking in the development of adult monitoring technology. The principles of biomedical ethics, including autonomy, justice, privacy and responsibility, should be respected by both health professionals and technology developers. A BMC Medical Ethics study recommends that these principles be taken into account in the development of such technologies.

Cherish Serenity’s CEO is taking ethical concerns into account with this new product, prioritizing “privacy and dignity.” As per information from the source, the device will transform the way we think about nursing home monitoring technology. It’s devices like Cherish Serenity that offer new hope for many nursing home residents and their families.


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