Almost 50M Facebook accounts at risk for theft after latest security breach

On Friday, Facebook revealed that he found a serious security breach that will affect nearly 50 million users. This could lead to theft of a user's account by a thief.

Hackers exploit the "View As" vulnerability and users can see how their profile looks. They were able to steal access tokens and divert accounts.

The problem was discovered on Tuesday and resolved. In a statement, Facebook pointed out that it is a law enforcement agency with sufficient information. The company resets the access token of people known to be affected and additional 40 million accounts submitted to the "viewer" search over the past year.

"Resetting the access token of approximately 50 million accounts allocated to secure the security and proceeding with the necessary procedures to reset the access token to 40 million accounts" As a result, approximately 90 million people You need to reconnect to the application using Facebook or Facebook connection and you will receive notification when you reconnect. At the top of their news feed. Explanation arrived. "

"Display method" is temporarily invalidated while the company is performing security scan. However, the company knows that a security breach has been caused by a video download change in July 2017.

It is unknown whether the pirated account was misused or what the perpetrator was.

"We are confronted with a constant attack from people who want to regain accounts and want to steal information around the world, so we discover it, fix it, fix the vulnerability and risk it We are pleased to secure an account that may be offered.The Facebook CEO on Facebook for this service, Mark Zuckerberg says, "If you have forgotten your password or have problems logging in, You can access.

Facebook already has some security problems. Perhaps the most famous of these is the Cambridge Analytics' big failure, when I knew well that public citizens gathe red data after Facebook and gathe red voter profiles. Facebook has not received government attacks …

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