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“Amazon Employee’s TikTok Mishap Exposes Layoff Information”

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Amazon Worker Accidentally Captures Her Layoff Info in TikTok Video

Recently, an Amazon employee named Jennifer Lucas accidentally captured the moment of her dismissal from the company while filming a “day in my life” vlog on TikTok. Lucas, who worked as a recruiting manager at Amazon for eight years in the US, wrote at the beginning of the video: “I was trying to film a cute Wes Anderson-esque WFH and accidentally filmed myself getting fired.”

The TikTok video begins with her getting out of bed in the morning, making herself a cup of coffee and brushing her teeth before logging on to work from home. But in the next scene, she opens her work email and realizes that she has been fired. As she reads the message informing her that Amazon has terminated her employment, she gasps in disbelief.

Amazon’s Layoff Policy

These layoffs are part of Amazon’s second round of cuts announced in March, in which 9,000 jobs were to be eliminated. In a memo to employees, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said it was a “difficult decision” made for the long-term benefit of the company. These layoffs are in addition to the 18,000 jobs that were eliminated just a few months ago.

In March, Amazon announced the layoff of another 9,000 employees at Amazon Web Services (AWS), Twitch, advertising, and human resources. In a memo, Jassy said the company completed the second phase of its operating plan (“OP2”) last week. “I am writing to share that we intend to remove around 9,000 more seats in the coming weeks, primarily across AWS, PXT, Advertising, and Twitch.”

As per information from the sourceAmazon initially cut 18,000 positions in January, and as “we completed the second phase of our planning this month, it led us to these additional 9,000 position reductions.”

Lucas’ Experience

Lucas also shared her layoff news on LinkedIn, saying, “Yesterday I was one of 9,000 employees affected by Amazon’s layoffs. I joined Amazon in 2015 as a bright-eyed college grad who couldn’t believe I was working for the best technology company in the world. I started my career as a recruiting coordinator with 2 goals in mind: to get promoted to L6, to become a manager. Last year, I accomplished both. I often joked with friends and family, ‘what now?’ and it seems the universe took my words literally.”

The incident highlights the harsh reality of layoffs, especially during these times of economic uncertainty. Companies are struggling to stay afloat, and as a result, they have to make difficult decisions that affect their employees’ lives. The situation has forced many people to re-evaluate their career choices and consider other opportunities that will provide a more secure future.


The story of Jennifer Lucas is a cautionary tale. It shows that even the most stable jobs are not immune to layoffs. It is crucial to have a backup plan in case of unexpected job loss. The pandemic has taught us that no job is 100% secure, and it is essential to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. We hope that Lucas’ experience will help others be more prepared and vigilant in these uncertain times.

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