Among us, exclusive skins that the Nintendo switch needs

Among us, exclusive skins that the Nintendo switch needs

Animal Crossing is another obvious choice when it comes to exclusive Among Us skins on the Nintendo Switch. Through the years, Animal Crossing has had lots of crossover villagers: from Mario, Zelda, and Sanrio to Splatoon, Monster Hunter, and more. Now, it would be fun to see some of Animal Crossing’s original villagers make an appearance in other games. Impostors disguised as Tom Nook could stalk crewmates dressed up like Isabelle and Drago. Nintendo Characters That Need Among Us Hats & Skins Similarly, characters from Donkey Kong could also appear as exclusive Switch skins for Among Us. Diddy Kong’s iconic red cap would make a great cosmetic, and so would Dixie’s hat and ponytail. Characters like Cranky Kong and Funky Kong both have looks that would be a lot of fun to see as costumes in Among Us. Skins from The Legend of Zelda would also be great, offering players a chance to dress up like Link, Princess Zelda, or Ganon. The chibi version of Link from Link’s Awakening could feel especially at home with Among Us’ art style.

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The demand for such skins is definitely there. Even before Among Us was on Switch, mods allowed skins for Mario and Luigi to be put into the game. Official Mario and Luigi skins would be even better, and additional skins for characters like Peach, Toad, Bowser, and Yoshi would be great in Among Us. A similar crossover with Animal Crossing allowed players to dress up as classic Mario characters, and this could be done in the same way. The exclusive Ratchet & Clank skins in Among Us are great for PlayStation users, but it can leave Nintendo fans feeling a bit left out. Iconic Nintendo IPs could be right at home on Among Us’ maps, and given that both Nintendo and InnerSloth have had crossovers with other games and companies before, it just makes sense for the two to combine for some great exclusive cosmetics for Among Us as well.

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Next: What Among Us’ Five Nights At Freddy’s Mod Is (& Is It Scary) While it seems unlikely that Nintendo will get exclusive hats and skins in Among Us right now, there’s always the chance it would happen in the future. As InnerSloth works to get premium cosmetics on the eShop, perhaps free exclusive options based on Nintendo characters will be added, too.

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