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Announcement of a New Dungeons and Dragons Game

by Michael Huff
1 minutes read
Announcement of a New Dungeons and Dragons Game

A brand-new Dungeons & Dragons board game has been revealed by WizKids. For 2 to 8 players, the game Dungeons & Dragons: Trials of Tempus is a “competitive dungeon-crawl.” After being divided into two teams, players engage in competitive gladiatorial games in which they compete for Victory Points obtained by fulfilling objectives. By combining a class deck, a subclass deck, and a character deck—which determines what the character may do on their turn—players design characters using a deck-building mechanic.

Each game concludes with a battle against the boss, who is, of course, portrayed by a finely sculpted WizKids miniature. The bosses included in the sample photos are an oblex, an iron golem, and a hill monster. The game’s creators described it in an interview with GameStop as having a variety of problems that can be resolved either through battle or in other ways. Importantly, Trials of Tempus is a DM-less game, which means that more than one player may participate.

Because Adam Carasso, Kyle Newman, and actor Thor Knai founded the game development studio Heavy Dragon together, Trials of Tempus stands out for having a star-studded design team. Fanboys and Barely Lethal are among the Hollywood films that Newman has directed, but in more recent years, he has focused on D&D projects like the Art & Arcana book and the Heroes’ Feast cookbook.

The publisher just released Dungeons & Dragons: Onslaught, a miniatures skirmish game set in the D&D universe, as part of WizKids’ recent D&D line expansion.

Trials of Tempus will be offered in two editions for pre-order: the normal edition and the premium edition featuring pre-painted miniatures. The pricing of the basic edition is $100, while the premium edition is $200. The WizKids website contains further details about the game.

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