Apple And Its Suppliers Investing $1 Billion In India

Apple and its suppliers are apparently looking to increase production in India and are moving in this direction by investing $1 billion in their supply chain. An official source told the Times of India that Apple would invest $1 billion through its partners in India and increase its production capacity to meet global demand for its products.

Apple’s main supplier, Foxconn, will be the investment partner. This money will be used to create a factory in Chennai, where products will be manufactured for the global market.

Apple’s supplier Wistron already has factories in India where it assembles iPhones. However, it mainly assembles older iPhones used to meet regional demand itself. The Foxconn factory in Chennai will assemble the high-end iPhone X series.

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Apple is currently in a difficult situation due to the trade war between the United States and China. The United States imposed a 20% tariff on products imported from China to the country. This affects Apple because all of its products are mainly manufactured and assembled in China. Although the tariff is already applicable on AirPods and other Apple devices, it will come into force for iPhones at the end of the holiday season.