Apple: Apple's 'Creativity goes on' shows perseverance of creativity in tough times

A new Apple video shows how people managed to continue creating during the COVID-19 pandemic, and a second version launched a new “Today at Home” program to inspire the creativity of others.

The 1.5 minute video shows the methods the creators used to continue their creative endeavors, despite the guidelines for staying at home during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The description of the video: “We have always believed deeply in the power of creativity. Now, more than ever, we are inspired by people around the world who are finding new ways to share their creativity, their ingenuity, their humanity. and their hope. ‘

In the video, students, artists, dancers, music teachers and celebrities demonstrate how they use Apple products, such as the iPad and MacBook Pro, to continue their creative endeavors. He lets them draw, dance, ing and share moments with their loved ones.

Apple has also launched a new “Today at Apple” program, but you don’t have to go to a store to participate. The program, called “Today at home”, offers three short videos to boost your creativity. Today At Home is run by creative professionals from Apple Stores around the world.

The first, entitled “Drawing Portraits with iPad”, depicts Harriet, of Apple Regent Street in London. It walks you through the process of personalizing a photo with scribbles using the image editor in the integrated photo application.

Thesecond, called “Capturing Striking Photos with iPhone”, is taught by Cameron of Apple Orchard Road in Singapore. It shows how you can use the functions of your home to create fascinating architectural photography.

Adrian from Apple’s Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica leads the third grade: “Take personality photos with the iPhone.” This course is designed to show you how to improve your portrait photography game by setting up scenes and using the iPhone’s portrait function.

Appleiphonestop also organized a list of free activities, apps and activities during the coronavirus epidemic, including links to free photography lessons, free creative software trials and games to play while practicing safe social hygiene.

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