Apple: Apple’s New MacBook Air is the Best Work-at-home Computer

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The article of the week about particle residues is by Nilay Patel in The Verge.

Apple Macbook Air (2020) Review: The Best Mac for Most People.With subtitle:

All he needed was a completely new keyboard and faster processors

I chose this review because of the MBA Exit from Apple was so current, author Patel’s review was just as current – and for the high quality of the review.

Author Patel writes:

When Apple updated the new Air last year, it stuck with this butterfly keyboard, meaning it still had a question mark. And the Intel chips on the inside have even faced moderately demanding tasks.

This brings us so far: The MacBook Air 2020 comes with the new Apple Scissor Switch keyboard introduced in the 16-inch MacBook Pro and the processors have been upgraded to the new 10th generation Intel parts. Apple also lowered the price by $ 100: the MacBook Air now starts at $ 999.

The way back has been long, but this new MacBook Air is exactly where it should be: downright in the mix that it’s the best laptop for most people.

Image credit: Apple

Patel then writes a well-constructed, unbiased review that supports his dissertation. It outlines the scenario where one might prefer a 13-inch MacBook Pro or, in my opinion, the 14-inch MacBook Pro (reportedly coming soon) with the new keyboard.

It explains the tradeoffs in detail so that the reader can choose between the two. Rather than grabbing Apple or taking photos of Apple, this review explains in detail why for most non-professional users working from home, it’s the perfect Mac, indeed, the computer.

I agree with the author that the base configuration ($ 999 US) underperforms with its Intel i3. Patel notes:

Our test model is the advanced configuration, with a 1.1 GHz quad-core Core i5 chip and 8 GB RAM.

Personally, I also highly recommend 16 GB of RAM. It will cost $ 1,499 in total, but this investment will be largely profitable.

This is an in-depth, first-class MBA exam. I was impressed.

Debris from news of the week

I talked.

Image of iPad Pro 2020 with Magic Keyboard

• ars technica brings us back to earth with the review of the iPad Pro 2020. “OK Computer: the iPad Pro 2020 review.

The new iPad Pro is an excellent tablet and a great computer.

Of course, Apple’s marketing slogan for the new iPad Pro says, “Your next computer is not a computer.” But this year’s update includes full mouse and trackpad support, taking this device to a whole new area. Of course it was still a computer, but there is no room for ambiguity.

It’s also an in-depth review, but Apple’s claims make the author quite cruel in some places. But as always, good job from ars.

• All technically savvy journalists recommend using a password manager. But this practice is not 100% risk free. See: “Popular password managers can be hacked: should you keep using them?

Some password managers did better than others, but the researchers concluded that Dashlane was the worst. The app was vulnerable to seven different vulnerabilities tested by the researchers. 1Password, on the other hand, had the fewest flaws – “only” five.

My own balloon just put in the trash.

• Will the global pandemic delay the launch of the iPhone 12 / 5G? Gene Munster doesn’t think so. ‘Why Gene Munster thinks Apple’s iPhone 5G will launch on time.

• And last but not least,

Ahum. Replicator: Tea, Earl Gray, Caffeine Free.

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